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The Wedding Book

Wedding Favor Weddings are made up of details -- lots of them. Fortunately, thanks to The Wedding Book, you can do the one thing it takes to take the stress of all those details and make them into a successful walk down the aisle: think them through. In The Wedding Book LeeAnn & Kyle Brown share their abundant expertise on everything from Music to Invitation wording. They cover all the essentials, including sections how to hire the best entertainment, photographer and many other services.


Note: if you order direct from The Bridal Association with the buy it now button below you only pay for the shipping, The amazon link does work however it's here only for additonal information

This Book has a 5 Star rating on 5 Star Rating on Amazon .com

The Wedding Book will be the best
investment you can spend on your wedding.

Price: Priceless
Actually it is $0.01 plus shipping & handling.

Other Wedding Books

In the books below and on the following pages you will find books with wedding advice, help with wedding planning, some with wedding ideas and tips on how to save money,

What makes a perfect wedding? "[The bride] and the groom both look as though there were sunlight behind their eyes, as though their mouths irresistibly turned to smiles," wrote Emily Post in 1922's Etiquette. Great-granddaughter-in-law Peggy Post, author of the fourth edition of Emily Post's Wedding

Ali Davis, founder and owner of Secretly Chic, recently went through the process of planning a wedding and quickly realized the need for a wedding planner that was functional for today’s brides. Through her personal experience and feedback from real brides, we have developed a Wedding Planner

Well for starters, I'm a fan of "THE NEWLYWEDS" on MTV. I received the book in less than a week and it was worth it! I love the photos of Jessica and Nick and the format of the book is awesome! It has good advice for a wedding and has good points for myself who is planning that big day

When planning for the big day, it's very easy to get caught up in beaded white dresses, boutonnieres, and how many platters of mini crab cakes to order, but the most important part of the wedding is the most-often overlooked--the ceremony itself

An entertaining guide shows how to save hundreds of dollars on gowns, catering, photographs, and flowers, how to negotiate for a wedding and reception site, and how to find wedding advice on the Internet

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is where the bride and groom can record wedding ideas, create budget guidelines, check items off their to-do list, generate the guest list, store contact information for their wedding vendors, and get tips and advice on the best way to plan their big day.

It's hard to imagine any wedding detail that could have escaped inclusion in the pages of Weddings for Dummies. How to build a chuppah, how to anchor a comb in the bride's hair, who dances with whom and when--everything you ever wanted to know about getting hitched is right here.

Which flowers are in season in June? How should you word invitations to a second wedding? What questions should you ask a caterer or photographer? Wedding-industry expert Beverly Clark gives you the answers to these questions and many more in her remarkably thorough guide,