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Wedding Tips

Weddings are made in heaven, they say, but they have to be organized on earth. For most of us wedding is a once-in-lifetime affair when someone most special becomes yours for the rest of your life. So certainly you want your wedding to be special, you want to make it a perpetually memorable occasion, an occasion you can visit in your memories and savor its moments frame by frame.

As it is required for any major event, your wedding needs to be planned in advance to keep away the unexpected disasters that sometimes choose the oddest of times to manifest. We advise that you maintain a binder or a digital scheduler to track all the aspects of your wedding. Maintain separate tabs for things such as bakery, ceremony, catering, florist, music, reception, photography, transportation, etc., so that you can keep a track of what's done and remains to be done.

During the planning stage you'll be gleaning items like brochures, phone numbers, vendor estimates and bids, song sheets, receipts, pictures and contracts. Along with these you'll obviously collect pictures of wedding gowns, bridesmaids' gowns, flower arrangements, centerpieces and bridal bouquets, jewelry, photo samples given you by photographers, wedding accessories and other pictures that will help you plan your dream wedding. You can organize all these wedding related things with the help of your binder. You'll have to schedule in advance your meetings with different wedding vendors, professionals and service providers.

Here are a few pointers to make your wedding as seamless as possible:

Things that can be done in them. This frees your time for more pressing, last-minute chores, and gives you more bargaining power because of the time you have to look and ask around.

Try choosing a day that's suitable to all for your wedding if you want all your loved ones to attend it.

This way you can keep crossing the things you have done.

Believe it or not, sometimes we forget to invite people we really want to be present there. Make sure every important person is on the list, along with the contact details.

They are the most important components of your wedding because pleasant food generates pleasant atmosphere, and the photographs that are clicked on that date are the precious moments captured for the coming generations.

We hope you have a splendid wedding and a harmonious future together.

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