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Wedding Reception; From Trendy to Traditional

Wedding receptions are not as formal as they once were, more and more couples are foregoing the expensive catered wedding receptions and coming up with some innovative ideas on how to throw them.

Florida Honeymoon Vacations

Celebrate your marriage by planning a Florida honeymoon vacation with lots of pleasant surprises in store for you! This is because Florida is the host to plenty of popular honeymoon spots. Couples can enjoy one another?s company with activities such as horseback riding on white sandy beaches, biking or walking along bicycle trails, quiet visits to the museums, visits to the civil war tort, strolling along the cool breeze to lighthouses, sight-seeing of beautiful tropical garden, cuddling together enjoying the sounds of the sea and yes, fun-filled amazing entertainment at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings were meant to last a lifetime. They are the unique symbol of your devotion to each other and the design should be something that you both can agree on. The most unique wedding rings are the one which you design your selves, and there are many mediums to choose from. Wedding rings are no longer just simple gold bands, they come in all metals, and you can even have them crafted out of stone or bone! Your wedding band will be something and you will wear all the time. Therefore, it is very important that you give a lot of thought into the design of your wedding ring.

What Is A Destination Wedding Dress?

Just as destination weddings are fast growing in popularity, so are destination wedding dresses.

What Is A Destination Wedding Favor?

Have you heard of destination wedding favors? I haven't either, so, I have taken it upon myself to pioneer this phrase. Destination weddings, destination wedding dresses, and now, "destination wedding favors". I like it!

3 Emerging Trends In Custom Invitations

There is an overwhelming demand for high quality, custom stationery that really reflects the bridal couple?s style, personality, and wedding. It doesn?t stop at the wedding invitation set anymore! It seems every modern bridal couple is opting to have their entire stationery ensemble done by a custom invitation house. As weddings become more sophisticated, the need for chic stationery quickly evolves into a necessity.

Gatlinburg Honeymoon Packages

Gatlinburg in Tennessee is the city with streets of art galleries and quaint shops selling local arts and crafts. It is also home to the world-renowned Arrowmont Craft School. This is where craftspeople from around the world improve their skills and have exchanged craft skills for the past 75 years. These attractions draw visitors to linger in town before heading to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. This park is famous for activities such as hiking, fishing, camping and water-rafting, all in a well-preserved natural environment.

Dealing With Your Spouses Sexual Past

"Couples who've had sex before marriage will inevitably have sexual difficulties in marriage."

Intimacy, What is It Really?

Simply put, intimacy is more than sex or making love. It's more than the physical or even emotional connection you feel with your partner. Intimacy involves a soul connection between two people.

The Runaway Brides ( & Grooms)

The 1999 Julia Roberts movie ?Runaway Bride? is about a woman who gets nervous about marriage and runs away at the last minute, leaving the groom at the altar. If you thought this happened only in reel life, the running away recently of Jennifer Wilbanks, a 32-year-old from Georgia who concocted a kidnapping story to escape the wedding, should prove otherwise. The incident caused a lot of discussion in the media, with many discussing similar wedding jitters that caused them to break off their wedding at the last minute.

Invitation Anatomy 101 - Typical Components - Part 1 of 3

?What am I supposed to have in my invitation?? This is one of the most common questions I get asked. The answer is quite simple: Anything! It?s true that convention doesn?t quite apply anymore with respect to what ?goes? for an invitation these days. That being said, there are a lot of components in the most common invitation styles. I should caution that there are literally thousands of options available ? some a lot more unconventional and some are even bizarre. For the sake of brevity, I?ll keep my breakdown constrained to the more common components and options used in invitations today (as about 85-90% of invitation orders inevitably consist of these).

Invitation Anatomy 101 - Optional Components - Part 2 of 3

Hopefully, you?ve read my prerequisite lesson ?Invitation Anatomy 101 ? Typical Components?. If not, I would highly recommend reviewing that article first. Now that you?ve been introduced to the main components of the most common invitation style/format, have a read of some of the Additional or Optional items you may want to add to your invitation.

Invitation Anatomy 101 - Optional Components II - Part 3 of 3

Almost there! This is the third lesson of my ?Invitation Anatomy 101? list of articles. Remember, this article continues the listing of common Optional Components typically seen in invitations. While many examples are directly relevant to wedding invitations, I?ve tried to be broader to include the general invitation and corporate invitation components as well.

Attracting Marital Fulfillment, Its Not To Late To Start Right Now

As a personal and professional development coach, I have listened to scores of unhappy marital stories from clients. It is not my intention to pose as a marriage counselor nor therapist, as I am neither. However, via my previous experience as a crisis counselor, and as a partner in an intercultural marriage with its own unique characteristics, I have built up a store of helpful tips, some of which I share with you below.

Marital Fulfillment: Tips for Intercultural Couples

Through my personal & professional coaching practice, marital issues often come up as factors affecting a client's personal & career goals. Intercultural relationships is an area of personal experience, as my own marriage is one such relationship. It is commonly known that these relationships have unique concerns due to differences in upbringing, culture and language.

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