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Wedding reality tv show casting

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway
Style Network

As high-stress jobs go, wedding coordinator ranks right up there with bomb-squad technician. After all, the gig requires nerves of steel, the ability to handle potentially explosive situations--and the understanding that with one false move, you could be looking at a very big boom.

Don't believe us? Just check out Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? on the Style Network. This revealing reality series digs deep into the hectic lives of party pros as they scout locations, juggle seating charts and dole out tissues to blubbering moms.

The panel of planners includes Californian Mary Dann, who counts the New York Jets' Malcolm Johnson among her high-end clients, and--at the other end of the spectrum--Texas pastor Jim Rich, who prides himself on producing penny-pinching weddings for around $2,000. There's also Kim Schlegel, who once created a formal garden party for a pair of pooches. (In this biz, ya gotta be ready for anything!)

Each week, our cameras follow these top event experts and many more as they attempt to create nuptial nirvana. Consider yourself officially invited to the festivities--but before the big day, meet the latest group of planners, check out some clever money-saving secrets, and sneak a peek at our brand-new episode guide!

Walk Down the Aisle with Style!

Are you planning your wedding day, but the neverending tasks keep getting in the way? Are you and your fiancé fun and fabulous, but drowning in details? Then let us hook you up with a top-notch wedding planner, to help organize the wedding of your dreams and take you down the aisle in style.

The Style Network is currently casting for the sixth season of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? Looking for couples with our without a planner, who want to share their wedding-preparation adventures with the hit prime-time wedding series!

All participants must be 21 years of age or older, have a wedding date set before April 30, 2007, and live within a 90-minute radius of New York City or a 30-mile radius of Philadelphia. Click Here to Fill in the form to apply.

Wedding reality tv show casting information by the Wedding & Bridal Association of america